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3H (2016-2016): Renland

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FDSN code 3H (2016-2016) Network name Renland
Start year 2016 Operated by
End year 2016 Deployment region

The experiments are performed down the Edward Bailey valley, in the Renland peninsula, Scoresby Sund, Greenland.

General purpose: ambient seismic noise recordings are obtained to characterize
the geometry/structure of the valley
the geometry/structure of the glaciers
the microseismicity of the glacier, the friction process, crack orientation and mechanisms
the seismic activity of glacial rivers, the relation between hydrological flow and noise spectrum
the localization and characterization of sub-glacial flow from surface recordings

Seismic stations were composed of 3C broadband Trillium compact seismometer, a Cube datalogger and a 12V (D-cell types, stacked) battery pack.

The experiment splits into three surveys performed at three different sites, one after the other, from july to august 2016.

In the first experiment, we deploy 11 stations, 9 of them on a flat sandy area covering, partly, immobile ice that seems to be blocked between the Bailey Glacier (upstream) and the Apusinikajik glacier (downstream). The 9 sensors are placed a few hundreds of meters from the Apusinikajik lateral front, the last 2 are placed on the glacier next to the collapsing front.

In the second and third experiment (chronologically speaking), we deploy 10 and 8 stations, respectively. Each deployment is performed along a Bailey valley transect. The first one intercepts the front-end of the glacier and the sub-glacial river exit (flow of several m3/s). The second transect is performed some 850m upstream.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.14470/8U7561563769
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