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Y3 (2008-2008): Wells, Nevada Aftershock Recording

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FDSN code Y3 (2008-2008) Network name Wells, Nevada Aftershock Recording (RAMP NV)
Start year 2008 Operated by
  • New Mexico Tech, United States of America
End year 2008 Deployment region

We propose to record aftershocks of the 2/21/2008 M6.0 normal-faulting earthquake that occurred near Wells, Nevada. Wells is about 280 miles east of Reno, and not far from the Utah border. The town was damaged, locally severely. This earthquake is of scientific interest for several reasons,it occurred in the middle of the active TA deployment,well-recorded normal faulting earthquakes are rare even in the global data set,regressions for attenuation, peak acceleration, and peak velocity are poorly known in the Basin and Range,it occurred in a region of very slow secular extension.

Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/Y3_2008
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