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YL (2000-2000): KTB 2000 Fluid Injection Experiment

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FDSN code YL (2000-2000) Network name KTB 2000 Fluid Injection Experiment (KTB2000)
Start year 2000 Operated by
  • Eidgendssisch Technische Hochschule - Swiss Seismological Service (ETH), Switzerland
End year 2000 Deployment region -

A long-term, fluid-injection experiment was performed for 60 days at the 9.1-km-deep Kontinentale Tiefbohrung, Germany (KTB), borehole. The aim of the stimulation test was to further investigate the previous assumption that the KTB drilling hole penetrated into the brittle-ductile transition zone of the earth’s crust thus not producing earthquakes at larger depths.
The seismic network consisted of a temporary, 40-element, three-component surface network of seismometers and a three-component downhole sonde at 3.8-km depth in the nearby pilot hole. Starting on 21st August 2000 (Julian day 234), about 4000 m3 of fresh water were injected into the well head of the main borehole to induce seismicity near the open-hole section at 9km depth. Because of several leaks in the borehole casing, seismicity occurred at distinct depth levels between 3-km and 9-km depth. Two events occurred at 10-km and 15-km depth.

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