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YX (2013-2015): Lhasa Block Top to Bottom--Lithospheric Evolution of Asia’s Leading Edge

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FDSN code YX (2013-2015) Network name Lhasa Block Top to Bottom--Lithospheric Evolution of Asia’s Leading Edge (Lhasa Block)
Start year 2013 Operated by
  • Lehigh University, United States of America
End year 2015 Deployment region -

The Himalaya–Tibet orogenic system has been the subject of extensive research for decades, and continues to be a fruitful laboratory for understanding orogenic processes and continental evolution. Geological and geophysical studies have provided important insights into the structure and dynamics of the modern system, but imparted less information about the orogen’s early development, and the characteristics of the colliding continents that may affect subsequent evolution. Still uncertain are how and when the current topography developed, how magmatism and metamorphism contributed to crustal reworking, and how mass flowed within the mid-crust, lower crust, and upper mantle since the onset of the collision. These factors are important, if not critical, to understanding the orogen. We propose to address these issues by focusing on the evolution of the leading edge of the southern Asian continental margin—the Lhasa Block—and its role in controlling the development of the broader orogen.

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