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ZH (2013-2014): Imaging the Floridan Aquifer System Using Seismic Noise

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FDSN code ZH (2013-2014) Network name Imaging the Floridan Aquifer System Using Seismic Noise (Florida Middle Confining Layer)
Start year 2013 Operated by
  • University of Florida, United States of America
End year 2014 Deployment region

Can the plumbing system of a prolific aquifer in a karst terrane be imaged using seismic noise? We aim to find out. The Upper Floridan Aquifer system is divided by several confining units that separate aquifers of significant porosity and permeability, most notably represented by the areally extensive "Boulder Zone" and Middle Confining Unit. The Floridan Aquifer system supplies much of the drinking water for the state (current population ~ 18 million) and also water for irrigation. Despite its importance, the Middle Confining Unit and Boulder Zone are known only from sparsely distributed deep wells. Waste water injection wells penetrate to depths below the Boulder Zone, and it is assumed that waste water is sequestered from the potable Aquifer system, but this assumption is largely untested. We will deploy a small aperture seismic network to image the Upper Floridan Aquifer system in southeastern Florida

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/ZH_2013
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