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ZH (2022-2022): INGV SISMIKO Emergency Seismic Network for Chianti Fiorentino - Italy

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FDSN code ZH (2022-2022) Network name INGV SISMIKO Emergency Seismic Network for Chianti Fiorentino - Italy (ISESNCFI)
Start year 2022 Operated by
End year 2022 Deployment region

Since the beginning of May 2022, a seismic sequence has affected the area of ​​Chianti Fiorentino (central western Italy), about 10 km to the south of the city of Florence. In order to better follow the spatio-temporal evolution of this seismic sequence, the SISMIKO operating group, (the Coordination of mobile seismic networks in emergency of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology), deployed five mobile seismic stations in addition to the permanent National Seismic network to better constrain the ipocentral locations of the sequences. The sites for the installation of the temporary seismic stations were chosen after an evaluation of the seismicity in progress and the position of the permanent stations in the area. The data of the SISMIKO temporary stations are transmitted in real time and integrated into the INGV seismic monitoring and surveillance system of INGV Rome, guaranteeing their archiving in EIDA data became available to the scientific seismological community.


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.13127/sd/jhggg3bnlq
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