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TERRAscope Network (TS)

Run by the California Institute of Technology. Many of the stations in this list can also be found unter the CI netowork code. Click on the station name to get more information.

BAR Barrett Dam, California
CALB Calabasas, California
CWC Cottonwood Creek Canyon, California
DGR Domenigoni Valley Reservoir, California
GLA Glamis, California
GPO China Lake, California
GSC Goldstone, California
ISA Isabella, California
MLAC Mammoth Lakes, California
NEE Needles, California
OSI Osito Adit, California
PAS Pasadena, California
PFO Pinyon Flat, California (now part of IRIS Global Seismic Network [II])
RPV Rancho Palos Verdes, California
SBC Santa Barbara, California
SMTC Superstition Mountain, California
SNCC San Nicolas Island, California
SVD Seven Oaks Dam, California
USC University of Southern California, California
VTV Victorville, California

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