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2A (2021-2022): Imperial Valley Dark Fiber Experiment

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FDSN code 2A (2021-2022) Network name Imperial Valley Dark Fiber Experiment (IVDFE)
Start year 2021 Operated by
  • Rice University, United States of America
End year 2022 Deployment region -

This seismic deployment is expected to support and complement the acquisition of distributed acoustic sensing data on a dark fiber cable between Calipatria and Imperial in the Imperial Valley, Southern California by providing 3D seismometer coverage of the region. The seismometers will provide broadband recordings of local earthquakes and ambient noise and will also be used to calibrate the distributed acoustic sensing data. The experiment is expect to improve our understanding of numerous earthquake zones in the region including the Salton Sea area, Imperial Valley fault and Brawley seismic zone, improve our knowledge of the subsurface structure in the sedimentary basin and improve methods for subsurface characterization of geothermal fields.

Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/2A_2021
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