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XA (1995-1996): Missouri to Massachusetts Array

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FDSN code XA (1995-1996) Network name Missouri to Massachusetts Array (MOMA)
Start year 1995 Operated by
End year 1996 Deployment region

In the MOMA experiment, 18 BB seismometers were deployed between permanent IRIS/GSN stations CCM (Catherdral Caves, MO) and HRV (Harvard, MA), providing a linear 20-station array spanning 1740 km. The goal of the experiment was to obtain new information about the structure of the core-mantle boundary, the structure of the crust and mantle beneath the eastern US (including mantle discontinuities, mantle anisotropy, and lateral velocity variations), and the structure of subduction lithospheric slabs.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/XA_1995
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Wysession, M. E., K. M. Fischer, T. J. Clarke, G. I. Al-eqabi, M. J. Fouch, P. J. Shore, R. W. Valenzuela, A. Li, and J. M. Zaslow, Slicing into the Earth, Eos Trans. AGU, 77(48), 477-482, doi:, 1996.

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