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XB (1991-1991): Pinatubo 1991 seismic network

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FDSN code XB (1991-1991) Network name Pinatubo 1991 seismic network
Start year 1991 Operated by
End year 1991 Deployment region -

Analog-telemetered seismic network of short-period sensors installed by USGS Volcano Disaster Assistance Program in response to unrest at Pinatubo volcano in 1991, to help PHIVOLCS. The dataset comprises event waveforms (triggered by STA/LTA), phase arrivals, and instrument responses. Waveforms have been recently converted from SUDS format to MiniSEED, and are now stored in a Seisan database. There are no continuous digital waveform data, but some of the helical drum records have been scanned, and may be added too.


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/seq1-hh72
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