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XD (2001-2001): Broadband Seismic Studies of Dome Growth at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia

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FDSN code XD (2001-2001) Network name Broadband Seismic Studies of Dome Growth at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia (Merapi Volcano-II)
Start year 2001 Operated by
End year 2001 Deployment region

Nine broadband seismographs with CMG-40T seismometers and Reftek 72A-07 dataloggers. The instruments were installed around Merapi volcano (lat -7.54, lon 110.44, elev. 2950m) at distance about 150m through 3 km from the active growing dome. The purpose of the exp. is to collect further broadband seismic data during expected sustained activity at Merapi in order to experimentally test our hypotheses about occurrence of multiphase/long-period earthquakes at this volcano. The results of this study will have important implications in interpreting broadband signals associated with volcanic processes, and may lead to a fundamentally new understanding of seismic processes associated with active volcanic dome growth. This understanding is essential in forecasting eruptions and managing hazards for active andesitic arc volcanoes.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/XD_2001
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