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XL (1997-1997): An asthenosphere-lithosphere probe in North America

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FDSN code XL (1997-1997) Network name An asthenosphere-lithosphere probe in North America (DeepProbe)
Start year 1997 Operated by
End year 1997 Deployment region

Deep Probe exp. will target the Archean-Proterozoic suture known as the Cheyene belt to further our understanding of the creation and re-working over time of continental lithosphere. Two 440 km long line arrays will be run for 3.5 months each: a N-S line from Landers Wyoming to Telluride CO and a NW-SE line from SE Idaho to Paonia, CO. The NW-SE line will overlap the SE end of our 1993 SRP deplyment so that a 1000 km line of BB interogation will be created from central Idaho to central CO. The N-S line will be deployed from May to Aug. 1997 and the NW-SE line from AUG to Nov 1997. Along each line 30 Guralp 30-Ts and 16 3-component short-period sensors L4cs and S-10s will be operated at a statoin spacing of 10km. One 24 bit data stream at 20 sps will be recorded during the entire course of the exp.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/XL_1997
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