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XR (2000-2000): Kolbeinsey Ridge - Iceland Seismic Experiment

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FDSN code XR (2000-2000) Network name Kolbeinsey Ridge - Iceland Seismic Experiment (KRISE)
Start year 2000 Operated by
  • University of Oregon, United States of America
End year 2000 Deployment region -

Three seismic refraction profiles to measure crustal
thickness and structure on transects along and perpendicular to the Kolbeinsey Ridge, north of Iceland: a 230 km line just east of the Kolbeinsey Ridge [Hooft et al., G-cubed, 2006], and 138 and 700 km cross-axis lines located 180 km [Furmall, UO MSc thesis, 2010] and 70 km north of the Icelandic coast [Brandsdottir et al, G-cubed, 2015]. The data were acquired using 33 three-component Japanese Ocean bottom seismometers (OBSs) from Hokkaido University. The seismic source of the University of Bergen research vessel, HÃ¥kon Mosby, was a four-element airgun array with a total volume of nearly 79 L (4800 cubic inch) towed at 8 m depth.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/chc7-6s85
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