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XV (2002-2002): Precambrian Crustal Structure in Western Ohio

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FDSN code XV (2002-2002) Network name Precambrian Crustal Structure in Western Ohio (Precambrian Crustal Structure)
Start year 2002 Operated by
  • Wright State University
End year 2002 Deployment region -

Every summer we at Wright State University try to collect industrial-scale seismic reflection profilies in west central Ohio. We have been doing this for several years, both to provide education opportunities for students (grad and undergrad) in the operation of a seismic field experiment, and to explore the setting and nature of the Precambrian history of the region. This is funded by donations from the hydrocarbon industry, and the students involved get academic credit as well as an hourly wage. We have funding in hand for work this coming summer.In the past we have used our own DFS-V 120 channel recording system for such profiles, but now we wish to migrate this field system to a StrataView-based system. Geometrics, the manufacturer of the StrataView, has designed this 60 channel system to be chained in a master/slave system of 120 channels, and for our fieldwork this coming summer we would like to use 2 IRIS 60 channel StrataView recorders in place of our DVS-V. As a part of our project we are having the spider cables made to attach the 120 channel output from our roll switch to a chained pair of 60 channel StrataView boxes.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/XV_2002
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