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XW (2024-2024): Tierra Grande Nodal Deployment

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FDSN code XW (2024-2024) Network name Tierra Grande Nodal Deployment (Tierra Grande Nodal Deployment)
Start year 2024 Operated by
End year 2024 Deployment region -

The experiment attempts to obtain reflections from the Socorro Magma Body (SMB) using energy generated by train sources as these pass by the track segment closest to the SMB boundary. We will utilize multiple nodal arrays of 10 to 20 elements (10 m apart) placed at different locations from the railroad track to maximize the possibility of recovering reflections/conversions. Array 1 will be located near the railroad track while the other arrays will be deployed at post-critical (if possible) distances to maximize likelihood of observing a reflection/ conversion off the SMB. The expected duration of the experiment is no more than 2 weeks of recording with 2 days scheduled for deployment and 2 days scheduled for pickup and data download. We will apply for permits for deployment of nodes of the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, however we will attempt to deploy all or most nodal arrays outside the Refuge boundary for logistical simplicity.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/93we-7d86
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