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YS (2014-2018): Transitions in the Banda Arc-Australia continental collision

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FDSN code YS (2014-2018) Network name Transitions in the Banda Arc-Australia continental collision (Banda Arc)
Start year 2014 Operated by
  • University of Southern California (USC)
End year 2018 Deployment region

Eastern Indonesia is one of the least well understood geological domains of our planet, and yet the region provides a truly remarkable natural experiment for unraveling the complex dynamics of convergent tectonics. The recent, subduction-related collision of the Australian continental lithosphere with the active Banda arc effectively captures the initiation of convergence orogenesis and offers a rare glimpse into a process that has shaped Earth’s evolution over geologic time, as well as providing fresh insights into seismic hazards confronting the world’s fourth most populous country. A number of mysteries remain about the transition from subduction to arc-continental collision in the Banda arc, reflecting fundamental gaps in the general understanding of collisional tectonics.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/YS_2014
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