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ZG (2010-2012): Central Andean Uplift and the Geodynamics of the High Topography

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FDSN Network Information

FDSN code ZG (2010-2012) Network name Central Andean Uplift and the Geodynamics of the High Topography (CAUGHT)
Start year 2010 Operated by
  • University of Arizona
End year 2012 Deployment region

Deployment across the Andes and in the northern Altiplano in Bolivia and Peru

Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/ZG_2010
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Published Description

Ward, K.M.*, R. Porter, G. Zandt, S.L. Beck, L.S. Wagner, E. Minaya, and H. Tavera (2013) Ambient noise tomography across the Central Andes Geophysical Journal International, v. 194, 1559-1573,

Kumar, A.^, L.S. Wagner, S.L. Beck, M.D. Long, G. Zandt, B. Young, H. Tavera, and E. Minaya (2016) Seismicity and state of stress in the central and southern Peruvian flat slab, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 441, 71-80.

Scire, A.*, G. Zandt, S.L. Beck, M.D. Long, L.S. Wagner, E. Minaya, H. Tavera (2016) Imaging the transition from flat to normal subduction: Variations in the structure of the Nazca slab and upper mantle under southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia, Geophysical Journal International, v. 204, 457-479.

Ryan, J.*, S.L. Beck, G. Zandt, L. Wagner, E. Minaya, H. Tavera (2016) Central Andean crustal structure from receiver function analysis, Tectonophysics, v. 682, 120-133.

Ward, K.M.*, G. Zandt, S.L. Beck, L.S. Wagner, H. Tavera (2016) Lithospheric structure beneath the northern Central Andean Plateau from the joint inversion of ambient noise and earthquake-generated surface waves, Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 121, 8217-8238.

Scire, A.*, G.Zandt, S. Beck, M. Long, L.S. Wagner (2017) The deforming Nazca slab in the mantle transition zone and lower mantle: Constraints from teleseismic tomography on the deeply subducted slab between 6°S and 32°S, Geosphere, v.13 (3), p. 665–680 doi:

Garzione, C.N., N. McQuarrie, N. D. Perez, T.A. Ehlers, S. L. Beck, N. Kar, N. Eichelberger, A. D. Chapman, K. M. Ward, M. N. Ducea, R. O. Lease, C. J. Poulsen, L. S. Wagner, J. E. Saylor, G. Zandt, B.K. Horton (2017) Tectonic Evolution of the Central Andean Plateau and Implications for the Growth of Plateaus, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, v. 45:1.

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