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ZO (2021-2031): Dynamic Planet (PD) multiparametric Northern Italy seismic network

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FDSN code ZO (2021-2031) Network name Dynamic Planet (PD) multiparametric Northern Italy seismic network (PDNET)
Start year 2021 Operated by
End year 2031 Deployment region -

The requested network arose in the framework of "Pianeta Dinamico - working earth Project", funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.
The network will be installed in Northern Italy, in an area spanning from the southern part of the central Alps to the Norther part of the Po Plain. The network will be integrated with the available infrastructures for seismic monitoring to better constrain the macroseismicity of the area, in part associated to buried and unknown (or poorly known) seismic sources. The density of the stations in the target area will be also used for some preliminary tests concerning the early warning systems.


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.13127/SD/yhCFOMCBo_
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