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FDSN Station Book

The International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks Station Book contains information about stations from all networks that contribute data (or intend to contribute data) through the FDSN. Over the past few years so many digital recording seismograph stations have been and are being installed around the world that it is difficult for the data user to know exactly what information is available. The research seismologist needs to be aware of the type of data produced at these stations as well as information about seismometer types, which components, sample rates, sensitivities, dates of operation, etc. This online station book provides this information.

There are many networks that have contributed to this online book; they include network operators from all over the world. Each network has a unique network code and the information is organized by this unique code. From time to time a station may change network affiliation - in such a case, the station is listed under each network for which it was/is affiliated and the dates on which this station operated for that network.

Updates to the Station Book are provided by the network operators. Some of the "pages" in this online book are maintained directly on-site of the network operator and the rest are maintained at the IRIS Data Management Center (with direction from the network operators) and therefore some minor differences in format may be apparent but the information provided should be the same. If you have any questions or comments about this Station Book or the FDSN, please forward them to

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Alphabetical listing of all stations by region

List of Networks
AS Modified High Gain Long Period Observatory (ASRO)
AU Australian Seismological Centre (AU)
BK Berkeley Digital Seismic Network (BDSN)
CD China Digital Seismic Network (CDSN)
CN Canadian National Seismic Network (CNSN)
CZ Czech Seismic Network (CZ)
DK Danish Seismological Network (DNK)
DW Digital World-Wide Standardized Seismograph Network (DWWSSN)
GE GEOFON - Germany
GR German Regional Seismic Network (GRSN)
GT Global Telemetered Seismic Network (GTSN)
H2 Hawaii-2 Observatory
HG High-Gain Long Period Network (HGLP)
IC IRIS/USGS/CDSN Seismic Network (China)
ID Project IDA University of California (IDA)
PS Pacific21 (formerly POSEIDON)
RS Regional Seismic Test Network (RSTN)
SR Seismic Research Observatory (SRO)