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FURI - Mount Furi Ethiopia

  Information for FURI as of Thu May 21 9:50:33 US/Pacific 1998
Station: Mount Furi Ethiopia
Director: Professor Laike M. Asfaw Network Affiliation: IRIS/USGS - GSN
Geophysical Observatory
Addis Ababa University
P.O. Box 1176
Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Network Contact:
Albuquerque Seismic Lab
Building 10002
Kirtland AFB-East
Albuquerque New Mexico 87115-5000
Telephone: 251 (1) 550-844 Open Station: yes Phone:25-11-553781
Fax: 251 (1) 552-112
Telex: N/A
Parent Organization:
Addis Ababa University
Latitude: 8.9030
Longitude: 38.6883
Elevation to Sensor: 2545
Depth to Sensor: 0
Geology: Vault dug into a dike consisting of mafic rock
Vault Conditions: 20 Meter horizontal tunnel with approximately 5 meters of overburden.
Site Description: Remote site located approxmately three-fourths up the road to the top of Mt. Furi., The data processing equipment is located at the Addis Ababa University. Communications, for data between these locations is via Cylink Radio Modems.
 Address(es) from which to obtain digital data
Station Instrumentation
IRIS/USGS - GSN - [IU]: 97/09/01 to Present