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Thread: available FDSNWS servers

Started: 2014-01-08 00:36:49
Last activity: 2014-01-08 00:36:49
Tobias Megies
2014-01-08 00:36:49
Hi all,

we are finalizing the new ObsPy major release 0.9.0 that supports FDSN
web services. We will also provide a convenience URL mapping for known
servers. This will make it easier for ObsPy users to know what servers
are actually out there and will also make it easier to use them (without
having to fill in the exact address).

Currently we have the following mapping:
"IRIS": ""
"USGS": ""
"RESIF": ""
"NCEDC": ""

If there are other servers that we can/should include, please let us
know (here or via my personal email or via devs<at>


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