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Thread: FDSN WG III Meeting - Products, tools and services

Started: 2011-06-14 20:51:36
Last activity: 2011-06-14 20:51:36
Hello everyone

As the IUGG and FDSN meetings approach I wanted to send out details about the FDSN WG III meeting. The draft agenda contains the time and location as well as the draft topics.
Please plan to attend the WG III meeting between 6:10PM an 8:10PM on Sunday July 3, 2011 in room 206.
We have two hours, despite what the IUGG program may show.

I am attaching the following
1. The draft agenda
2. Minutes from the last WGIII meeting in S. Africa. These minutes need to be approved at our meeting in Melbourne
3. A proposed new charge for the working group, slightly expanded from the charge approved at the last meeting.

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