International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

FDSN Publications

FDSN Web Services

The FDSN web service specifications provide a compatibility baseline for RESTful web services across multiple data centers.

FDSN StationXML Schema

The FDSN StationXML schema specifies a baseline for seismological and related metadata. Comprehensive StationXML reference documentation is maintained online, where a downloadable PDF is also available.


FDSN miniSEED 3 defines a data format for time series data used in FDSN archives, services, and generally for data exchange. This version is closely related to, but independent and enhanced relative to the miniSEED defined in the SEED 2.4 standard.

FDSN Source Identifiers

FDSN source identifiers define the construction of unique identifiers for data sources used in FDSN data formats and services.

FDSN SeedLink

FDSN SeedLink defines a streaming protocol designed for the transmission of seismological, and related, data in the miniSEED format.


FDSN recommendations for seismic network DOIs and related FDSN services describes how Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) should be used to acknowledge networks whose data are used in other works.

SEED Reference Manual

Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake Data (SEED) Manual
Version 2.4 (PDF)
Updated August, 2012

FDSN Station Book

The FDSN Station Book contains information about stations from all networks that contribute data (or intend to contribute data) through the FDSN.

FDSN Historical References

Historical documents covering the background of the FDSN.