International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

FDSN Services

FDSN Web Services and Data Formats

FDSN Web Services define standards for providing seismic and related data over the web. (FDSN Working Group III)

SEED and FDSN StationXML are standardized data formats used for data exchange. (FDSN Working Group II)

FDSN Data Center Registry

The FDSN data center registry contains a listing of data centers, which services are offered, and optionally which data sets are available from each. A web service API offers programmatic access to the registry.

FDSN Network Codes

Each network distributing data using FDSN web services or FDSN SEED format must have an assigned FDSN Network Code. To apply for such a network code, select a link below.

List of currently assigned FDSN Network Codes


If you are an official FDSN member representative you can enter your contact information at the following location:

FDSN Member Information Form


FDSN Networks and Data Centers appreciate proper acknowledgment when anyone makes use of the data from their organizations.

Network citations use Digital Object Identifiers, and FDSN has published a set of recommendations for using DOIs as part of a network citation.

A tool has been provided for authors wishing to create a list of citations for the data used in their manuscript.

FDSN History

Learn about the history of the FDSN.

FDSN historical references

Information regarding X & Y Instrument Codes in SEED Channel Names

The FDSN approved two new instrument codes for SEED on April 20, 2010.

X & Y Instrument Codes (pdf)

FDSN Channel Instrument Code X

Derived or Generated Channel: Time series derived from observational data or entirely generated by a computer algorithm, as would be the case with synthetic seismograms.

See list of X instruments

FDSN Channel Instrument Code Y

Non-specific Instruments: The instrument code in SEED format covers most commonly used instruments that generate time series. For instruments not specifically covered by an existing instrument code the Y instrument code can be used.

See list of Y instruments